Our Story

Like you, we love to fish.

But we know how much of a hassle running a charter business can be because we’re fishing captains too.

We’ve experienced the frustration of missing calls while fishing with customers, only to return them when we’re back on the dock, only to find out the potential customer booked with someone else already.

We didn’t enjoy having to collect a deposit from each client and hoping they’d make it easy to pay when their trip was done.

And like you, we struggled to build eye-catching websites and get more trips booked through Google search and social media.

That’s why we built Saltwater Marketing… to solve our own problems as charter captains.

And after seeing how well it worked for us, we helped a few friends.

Those friends told their buddies.

All of a sudden we had a new business. And along the way, we found that helping charter captains grow their businesses makes us happy.

Almost as happy as fishing. But not quite!

Tight lines!